Custom Gas Springs

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Gas Springs

Standard Gas Springs (non-locking)
(available at any p1 pressure in 10N increments - supplied with metal end fittings)
We specialize in producing custom sizes of gas springs for proto types or specialty applications are available.

For replacements for "Spring Lift / Springlift / Spring-lift" gas springs we have them in stock available at any force required!

as springs are operated at a temperature between 30C and 80C



Gas springs are filled with pure nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas which does not burn, will not explode and is not poisonous.


Gas springs have very high internal pressure. Do not open or heat up.


Gas springs should be installed with the piston rod pointing downwards. The pistons ensure the best dampening effect


Gas springs must not be opened bent or affected vertically by side forces


The piston rod must not be painted and must be protected against nicks, scratching and hitting. If there are unwanted events as above, the sealing systems will be damaged. This results in reducing of pressure inside tube.


If storage of the gas springs is required, the preferred storage position is with the piston rod pointing down.


Environmental factors can affect operation / force of gas springs. For every 10 degrees of temperature change there is generally a 3% change in output force. ( lower temperature reduce output force)


Our gas springs have a 2 year guarantee.


Do not use gas springs in an operating environment over 80C



Do not exert side loads on the gas springs

6x15 Standard Gas Spring


Extended length is the centre


centre length measured with standard


end fittings. Using other end

fittings may alter the overall length.

We can manufacture any size gas spring in 6x15 up to a maximum stroke of 250mm

If you have a gas spring or prop that does not hold we can help.

Recharging of many Gas Springs / Lift Supports at a fraction of the cost of new.

Adjust pressure in hatch struts to compensate for added accessories.

We can repair, modify or provide a new custom manufactured gas spring.

All Reconditioned Gas Springs are provided with a minimum of 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated.

We carry a variety of mounting hardware and brackets for proper mounting of the gas springs to your application.

professional Design of Gas Lift Support Applications & Opening Systems

Complete Custom Modifications to Gas Springs & Lift Supports

Maintenance & Repair Services to patient, Assistant, professional and other types of Chairs & Stools

With our extensive stock of components, we are able to fulfill any order or proto-type request quickly and accurately