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General Business Directory
  The Blue Willow Inn Motel Clean Comfortable Reasonable
Wadena Accommodations & Restaurants
Wadena Preferred Businesses

These Businesses Look Forward

To Serving Your Needs

 First Street B & B Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
  BP Ag & Truck Service Heavy Duty Mechanical Repair and Inspec.
  Auto Parts Plus Ag, Auto, Truck & Industrial Parts
  Brooks Vac Trucks Mfg Septic Trucks ~ Water Trucks
  Linda’s Fashion Boutiques Womens Fashions In Foam Lake
  RJ Sales & Service Ag Related Products & Services
  Royal Bank ATM ~ Banking ~ Finance ~ Loans
  Crossroads Credit Union ATM ~ Banking ~ Finance ~ Loans
  Saskapaca Alpaca Products Alpaca Fashions ~ Gifts ~ Home Accessor.
  Tompkins Funeral Home Funeral Services ~ Cremations ~ Monuments
  Wadena Bakery Fresh Breads, Cakes & Pastries
  Wadena Co-op Groceries ~ Housewares ~ Fuel
  Wadena Drugs Prescriptions ~ Gifts & Home Decor
  Town Of Wadena Website Learn All About Wadena
  Wadena Meat Processors Butchers ~ Gov Inspected Abattoir
  Wheatbelt Sales Agricultural Products & Parts For Wadena
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    Scoops; 338-2336 (Seasonal)     T & T Café; 338-2243     Nick’s Place; 338-3188     Subway; 338-3141     Wadena Bakery; 338-2212     Wadena Café 338-2153     Wen’s Café  338-2335
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  Sunflower Florists Flowers~ Gifts ~ Home Décor

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