35+ Years Of Oilfield, Rural & Civic Experience
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Pipelining of Steel, Fiberglass & Plastic Pipe Municipal Water Lines Oilfield & Gas Line Leaks & Service Work
Digger Dan's Consulting, Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Oilfield, Excavation Pipeline
Digger Dan's Consulting, Kindersley, Saskatchewan, 35 years experience in the Oil & gas Industries. Oilfield, Excavation Pipeline, Construction, excavation,  Pipelining of Steel, Fiberglass and Plastic Pipe, Facility Installation, Oil & Gas Industry, Reclamation, General Backhoe and Trackhoe Work , Line Leaks and Service Work, Mix Pits, Build Firewalls,  Grade Roads and Leases.
306-463-7320 306 - 463 - 7320 Fax: 306-463-3978 4 miles north on Hwy 21, Kindersley, Sk.